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Founded by experienced members, One And One understands the needs of Vietnam's construction market. We are always flexible in finding and improving the quality of products and suppliers, to bring the most complete satisfaction to customers.

As one of the young companies with much less years of formation compared to other companies in the same field, we capture opportunities and gain experience from our predecessors.

From three members, now One And One has a enthusiastic sales team, is a potential distributor of domestic and foreign manufacturing companies seeking partners, opening broad market.

With its youth and relentless creativity, the courage to challenge itself, One And One is proud to be one of the pioneers in learning new technologies and bringing those technologies to be applied and enriched for country.

Born in the freezing phase of many real estate units, but we still believe that with our enthusiasm and direction, our company will not only grow but will be on the list of the most trusted partners in Vietnam market.

Not only a supplier of construction products, we provide both advanced solutions, technologies and benefits with the most economical cost.

One And One always provides quality and environmentally friendly products, not for immediate profit but affecting the living environment and users. The company chooses "serving society" as a guideline for sustainable development, always learning, researching, researching and developing "GREEN" products to serve actual needs in the future. , improve competitiveness for businesses and be willing to share to the community through social activities.